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We discuss supply and demand and how these microeconomic laws help us predict market movements. We do not allow any discussions regarding traditional trading methods, as these lack logic

Telegram Group

Join our Telegram group to discuss our trading method and take part of our group trading. You can easily join by installing Telegram on your phone and computer and then clicking here to join

Educational Material

Read our entire educational material by clicking here. You will need to understand the concepts in this material before you can start to trade and discuss with us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the Telegram group.

A new perspective on trading

With a microeconomic approach to trade the Forex markets

We provide free training and coaching with no commercial interest. We have the ability to turn you into a profitable pro trader by giving you a firm understanding about the financial markets. The only thing we require is that you read and learn our documentation in 3 months time and start joing discussions and our group trading where we will help each other reach our fullest potential.

Welcome to our Community

May 2020 Challenge

Trade a demo or real account with at least 9% profit until the end of May, and a maximum total equity/balance drawdown of 4%. The best resulting account will be rewarded with a 1 year Free Tradingview Pro Subscribtion.

Total drawdown needs to be validated. Use services like to connect your MT4 account or similar services so results can be validated