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In a world where nothing is true


With our pro mentors and a continuously growing and profitable trading community, let us direct you to the correct path of learning how to trade profitably by utilizing the
laws of supply demand in an all new micro economic approach to charts. Our educational material, group sessions and group mentoring all always 100% free of charge

Timme efficiency

The internet is full of misleading and false information about trading. We have compressed our educational material to save you that time and get you started quickly

Professional team

As students progress and become profitable, they become a part of our team. Together, as a community, we trade more and with far better results than any anyone can achieve alone

Trading around the clock

As we have a diverse team from different time zones, we enable ourselves to analyze and get ready for any trading opportunity around the clock.

Together we are stronger

As a community, we are stronger. We reduce risk and attachment by looking at the markets from many different perspectives, protecting each other from unnecessary risk

High accuracy

Our results are good, very good. With high accuracy and perfectly timed trades we share all information in our community to make sure that everyone gets it right

Liquid markets only

We only trade the Forex markets at the moment because it is the most liquid market in the world, protecting us from market manipulation and high commissions or fees

Our Approach

Chart analysis

Professional charting where trends and technical indicators don’t matter. All we need is the balances of supply and demand and strength formulas to keep us on the right track


We know how to balance risk against reward. We don’t expose ourselves to any unnecessary risk in the markets which will jeopardize our hard earned money


We do give much attention to detail. Money not made is money lost. We place huge effort in making sure each move is the probable right move


Using the standard tools available to the public, we make sure everyone is able to follow along. You won’t ever need any expensive software

Group session

Everything we do, we do in a group. Nobody is hiding any risk or opportunity from the other. We trade like a family, where we have each others backs

A second family

The amount of time and effort we put into making sure we succeed as a group enables us to treat our group like a second family

How can I join you?

Just visit our Portal, read the rules and download the documentation. We are online on Telegram everyday of the week

We are spread around the world

With traders from every timezone it won't matter where you are from. As long as you have the opportunity in your country to trade the Forex markets, you are welcome
Making Money


There is no secret that everyone wants to make money, and that includes us. We don’t believe that success comes from selling education or charging for knowledge. Money comes from using that knowledge. That is why we started this community. We aim to create a community, a group, fully committed to each others success which will automatically translate into personal success. Trading is not easy, it is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet and we strongly believe that trading in a group has far better results in terms of profit and risk management as the influence of feelings will be greatly reduced when more traders are looking independently on each opportunity.

Trading is for everyone

  • “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

    Albert Einstein

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